Decluttering your home: where to get advice on de-cluttering.

 So down the Internet rabbit hole I went.

  You know how it goes. You started on Pinterest to look with envy at the perfectly staged bedrooms. You get distracted wondering how that Wisconsin mum of 3 manages to keep an immaculate home and up cycle furniture in her spare time. I can barely keep my 1 year old from climbing our bookcases. So I will try to help you get straight to helpful advice from a variety of view points.

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Why I need to declutter my home and my life. 

Looking at my jumble sale of a bedroom fills me with despair. How did we get here again? It’s a perfect example of the messy state my house is in.

The laundry makes it as far as folding and never to the wardrobe. It’s placed on the bed, a freshly laundered bundle full of intent. When the day ends and we haven’t got round to sorting or to putting it away, it gets shifted off the bed (so we can get to bed) and onto the; dresser, chair, floor and sometimes we just open the wardrobe and chuck it in. “We’ll sort it tomorrow we say”. then as tomorrow’s bedtime rolls around another freshly laundered bundle, full of intent, gets added on top.

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