Why I need to declutter my home and my life. 

Looking at my jumble sale of a bedroom fills me with despair. How did we get here again? It’s a perfect example of the messy state my house is in.

The laundry makes it as far as folding and never to the wardrobe. It’s placed on the bed, a freshly laundered bundle full of intent. When the day ends and we haven’t got round to sorting or to putting it away, it gets shifted off the bed (so we can get to bed) and onto the; dresser, chair, floor and sometimes we just open the wardrobe and chuck it in. “We’ll sort it tomorrow we say”. then as tomorrow’s bedtime rolls around another freshly laundered bundle, full of intent, gets added on top.

The real problem comes when one of us needs to find something in the pile, and destroys it rooting around. Before we know it the neatly folded laundry spreads across the room. No longer neat, no longer folded, it becomes impossible to tell if it is even still clean.

I’m sure a good amount of it ends up being washed again, unnecessary, just because it never made it to the wardrobe. So every couple of months we agree. No more! We wash, fold, sort and most importantly put away. We buy a new laundry basket. That’ll help! Never again will our bedroom look like our wardrobe exploded over the room. Never! And about a week later, you’ve guessed it. The freshly laundered bundle, full of intent, gets sat on top of the dresser.

You would think that our wardrobe must be empty if all of our laundry is on the floor? But it isn’t. Far from being empty it’s another crumpled pile of discarded clothes we riffled through to find something. Pointless really, clearly it’s going to be in the floordrobe!

The cycle is never going to end if we don’t get a solution sorted. The fancy laundry basket wasn’t the solution so it’s become clear we don’t have a laundry problem. We have a clothing clutter problem. The whole house has a clutter problem and the only way to deal with that is with some serious de-cluttering. 

Not only does the clutter and disorganisation make me feel anxious, it’s a time sink. The amount of time we waste as a family trying to find things is ridiculous. 

Starting your day rushing around and frustrated you can’t find anything only leads to more stress. My glasses, my keys, my clothes, my train pass, all of these things have resulted in me tearing the house apart minutes before I am due to leave for work. While I am rarely late, I am rushed and stressed before I even arrive. 

So the goal of the decluttering is not only to have a more organised home but to have a more organised life. 

This won’t be my first attempt at this kind of mass declutter so I plan to do a bit more planning and research this time round before I throw myself into a full scale attack on the house. 

Hopefully this time, the change will be permanent.


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