Intentional purchasing: My new boots. 

Minimalism, to me personally, isn’t about not buying anything at all, but buying with intention. Forgoe sales, bargains and impulse buys and really thinking about what you need. 

I love to research things, my dream job would be finder; charged with scouring the Internet to find things for other people. So I am actually getting a huge kick out if carefully planning and selecting new pieces for my minimilist wardrobe. When it is complete, I hope to reduce my clothes shopping to a handful of items a year. 

I usually get a Wee tinge of guilt after any purchase north of £50 but not today. Today I’ve woken up happy confident in my decision and it feels brilliant. 

I’ve been looking for a pair it chunky heeled ankle boots as an alternative to my Dr Martens. Unfortunately I was a bit late off the mark to catch Dr Martens Magdalena, this can be a downside to intentional purchasing. If you don’t have the money saved or you have any kind of cool off period then you can miss some items. Just remember you will be just fine without it and move on. 

I went to office to buy my boots yesterday. I tried 2 styles of Grace by Vagabond; one with an outer zip  (£80) one with an elsticated panel (£60 on sale). Both lovely. Before I would have bought the cheaper pair purely because they had money off. But this time I tried them on and ignored the price, this was about finding the right boots not a deal. While I was trying them on a perfect stranger came up to me and flashed her own boots, she’d gone for the  elasticated Chelsea boot and was delighted with them. She wore them 9 hours a day at work and said they were the most comfortable shoes she owned, someone else backed her up saying she went clubbing in them. My clubbing days are over but as recommendations go, these were pretty high. 

After trying each pair on and consulting my Husband, an exercise he hates because u do what I want anyway. I preferred the zip pair but there was something odd about the insole so I had them swap them for another pair, remember, that’ll do won’t do! The second pair were perfect, buttery soft and so comfortable. Don’t settle when buying key pieces they have to be perfect. 

I am absolutely in love with them. They had their first outing last night and are every bit as comfortable as I’d hoped. I feel so confident and feminine wearing them and they are a perfect addition to my minimalist wardrobe. 


March: Mimimalist Window Shopping and The One that got away

So my mission is still to pare back my wardrobe, reducing the volume but increasing the quality. Creating a well curated wardrobe full of timeless, wearable pieces. 

While I have a very different view of shopping now; a more intentional, thoughtful choosing of things I need. I am not immune to the lure of the shop window or a well placed Facebook ad and don’t get me started on Pinterest. Lucky for me I have an uncanny ability to lust after things beyond my means so I can lust away without too much danger to my bank balance or to buying something against my values. 

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How Spark Joy is helping me make decisions

I love it when little things align and help you make decisions. 

I’ve been reading my Spark Joy book and I’ve cleared out all of my clothes and next comes accessories, make up etc. eventually you get to the kitchen. But I now look at everything in my home or potential purchases with the spark joy ethos in mind. Cooking one day I realised I have a kitchen almost exclusively of hand me downs or gifts. If I don’t bake with it, I didn’t choose it and it’s all a bit mismatched and sad looking. It doesn’t bring me joy, and as a result I don’t care for it, some of it is chipped, there are three different sets blended into one and I have been blind to it before. Post Marie Kondo I have decided to replace them and I have been debating over which Ikea dining set to pick. Ikeas 365+ range is the smart choice; its clean, simple, stackable and I can replace breakages. However I liked another one, Dinera, which came in a lovely grey colour, as a complete co-incidence my parents bought the Dinera set in white and it does feel lovely ( My Mum has since commented that the bowls are very deep and can’t be cleaned in the bottom of the dishwasher).

I’ve been eating my porridge out of this beautiful little bowl at work every day, it’s the only one of its kind in the kitchen and I always hunt it out. It’s the silliest little thing but it gives me so much pleasure. Today I finally managed to scrape the label off of the bottom of the bowl and its Ikea 365+. What are the chances!

I am now even more excited about getting to my kitchen declutter and replacing the pieces that no longer spark joy.


Tips for avoiding purchase guilt: Shop for the life you live.

Purchase guilt, we’ve all been there. The candy coloured kitchen aid, the cream wool coat, the designer shoes or even just the perfect shade of red lipstick. I happen to think that a little bit of wanting something is good for you. It gives you something to work towards and, if you are anything like me, you get a little flurry of excitement just from imagining owning. But what happens when you get that coveted item and instead of sparking joy, it fills you with a sense of guilt?

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KonMari part 1: Tidying my clothes. 

Working with my goal of a clutter free and stylish home in mind, I set to work pulling everything out of my wardrobe and sorted it into three piles; Tops, bottoms and full length items such as dresses and coats.

First thought, I have a lot of clothes. Second thought, I don’t wear most of them! Some of them still had labels on them. Here’s a glimpse of the pile before the sorting got under way.

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Spark Joy: The KonMari method

KonMari Method: Spark Joy
Step one of the KonMari method is to imagine your life after you have tidied. So I trotted off to Pinterest and chose an image from my house and home boards that really sparked joy. It was important to me that the image I selected was achievable. There was little point dreaming of achieving a space twice the size with additional windows and en suite if that wasn’t already under the clutter. I hope the KonMari method will be life changing but it is not going to magically increase my square footage or give me a dual aspect bedroom with country views. So the picture I choose was a fair sized room with immaculate styling, no clutter in sight. The kind of effect I could achieve and would absolutely love to come home to. 

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