Spark Joy: The KonMari method

KonMari Method: Spark Joy
Step one of the KonMari method is to imagine your life after you have tidied. So I trotted off to Pinterest and chose an image from my house and home boards that really sparked joy. It was important to me that the image I selected was achievable. There was little point dreaming of achieving a space twice the size with additional windows and en suite if that wasn’t already under the clutter. I hope the KonMari method will be life changing but it is not going to magically increase my square footage or give me a dual aspect bedroom with country views. So the picture I choose was a fair sized room with immaculate styling, no clutter in sight. The kind of effect I could achieve and would absolutely love to come home to. 


Now if you compare this to what we currently live in. Sharing this picture makes me feel queasy, but I am doing this for all of us!
The bedroom:  

Clutter clutter everywhere! 
There’s a big pile of clutter on top of the dresser, that yellow box is my makeup. It should be in the drawer below but it’s so jammed full of stuff that the bottom of the drawer keeps falling out! Then everything else that makes it to the bedroom but doesn’t have a home gets piled on top, including my hair drier, straighteners etc.


There’s the photo frame (that I bought on sale) full of wedding pictures that never made it onto the wall. I got married in 2013. Early 2013. 

The piles of laundry on the floor ( the floordrobe), on top of the Snuzpod which my Son outgrew 6 months ago. I could only bring myself to dismantle it a few weeks ago, but it’s still not been cleaned out and packed into the loft, so it became a platform for clothing clutter. It’s actually my Husbands suits that drape the Snuzpod, which was some attempt to keep them “good” while they waited to be worn or put away. The grey area underneath the window where the piles have merged and spread into whatever laundry hasn’t made it to the laundry basket. This isn’t even the main laundry basket, this is the travelling basket used to ferry laundry to and from the washing machine. My Husband has scooped what he thinks is now dirty laundry and put it in the basket to he can get in and out of bed!

Oh that queasy feeling is getting worse! This feeling of anxiety is just another barrier to fixing this. Don’t get overwhelmed, keep going!

 The bedposts! The clutter guys refer to this a lot as the treadmill covered in clothes. It’s just a convenient place to dump things. This is where I hang my Husbands shirts instead of hanging them in the wardrobe right behind me while I do it! They don’t go into the wardrobe because it is stuffed full of suits and shirts that no longer fit or suit him and I can’t be bothered fighting back the hoard of clothes to jam in another weeks’ worth of shirts.


This bit this bit is all me. That’s my bras hanging over another bedpost! That pile of laundry is clean underneath (or is it? Is laundry clean after its been knocked around on the carpet for a couple of weeks?) And on top are the clothing items I would wear more than once before they go into the wash; jeans, my comfy jumper my suit trousers etc. The bottles or cups I bring up to drink during the night. We don’t have a bin or side tables in the bedroom anymore, We removed them as they were just magnets for clutter, but like the fancy laundry basket, it’s not the tool that’s broken it’s how we use it.

He’s a quick photo montage of the inside of our wardrobes to show they are not empty, nor are they organised.

 So this is my starting point and this is my goal.

Next I will be removing all of the clothes from the wardrobe, drawers, floordrobe and bedposts as well as the shoes and jackets from the hallway closet and putting them in one big pile on the bed! Deep breath. Let’s Konmari!


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