How Spark Joy is helping me make decisions

I love it when little things align and help you make decisions. 

I’ve been reading my Spark Joy book and I’ve cleared out all of my clothes and next comes accessories, make up etc. eventually you get to the kitchen. But I now look at everything in my home or potential purchases with the spark joy ethos in mind. Cooking one day I realised I have a kitchen almost exclusively of hand me downs or gifts. If I don’t bake with it, I didn’t choose it and it’s all a bit mismatched and sad looking. It doesn’t bring me joy, and as a result I don’t care for it, some of it is chipped, there are three different sets blended into one and I have been blind to it before. Post Marie Kondo I have decided to replace them and I have been debating over which Ikea dining set to pick. Ikeas 365+ range is the smart choice; its clean, simple, stackable and I can replace breakages. However I liked another one, Dinera, which came in a lovely grey colour, as a complete co-incidence my parents bought the Dinera set in white and it does feel lovely ( My Mum has since commented that the bowls are very deep and can’t be cleaned in the bottom of the dishwasher).

I’ve been eating my porridge out of this beautiful little bowl at work every day, it’s the only one of its kind in the kitchen and I always hunt it out. It’s the silliest little thing but it gives me so much pleasure. Today I finally managed to scrape the label off of the bottom of the bowl and its Ikea 365+. What are the chances!

I am now even more excited about getting to my kitchen declutter and replacing the pieces that no longer spark joy.



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