March: Mimimalist Window Shopping and The One that got away

So my mission is still to pare back my wardrobe, reducing the volume but increasing the quality. Creating a well curated wardrobe full of timeless, wearable pieces. 

While I have a very different view of shopping now; a more intentional, thoughtful choosing of things I need. I am not immune to the lure of the shop window or a well placed Facebook ad and don’t get me started on Pinterest. Lucky for me I have an uncanny ability to lust after things beyond my means so I can lust away without too much danger to my bank balance or to buying something against my values. 

The current lust of my life is the Nadine skirt from L.K.Bennett. I pass the window of L.K.Bennett on the way to and from work and this caught my eye. At £250 it’s well above my impulse purchase price.  

Now I do have a budget for adding key pieces to my wardrobe as long as they are classic, wearable, great quality items that will enhance my existing outfits. As beautiful as Nadine here is, I think I’d struggle to wear it on a daily basis so I can’t justify this to myself at all. 

Something I felt I needed to add to my wardrobe was a pair or heeled ankle boots. I live in my 20 hole Dr. Marten boots. If I had a uniform it would be boots, skinny jeans, a plain tank top and a jumper or cardigan. I am Mum to an active 1yr old and my go to outfit is not only bomb proof it also makes me feel genuinely great! 

On some days though especially as it gets towards the warmer days* I feel the need to move into something a little less casual but still practical (*We don’t say months in this part of Scotland, it’s unrealistic.). 

So Dr. Martens was my first port of call and I set my heart on the lovely Magdalena. Why is it all the beautiful things this month have girly names?


 Sadly, pretty much the next day I went to show my Husband and *poof* gone from the site, and pretty much every other U.K site. 


The only places I can find a pair in my size are EBay ( private seller no returns) or a slightly dodgy looking international website that does use PayPal and a major courier which isn’t so concerning.  

In my searching for Magdalena I did find a doppelgänger in Grace by Vagabond.

Pretty similar right? 

I’ve never heard of Vagabond before and while I am not hugely brand loyal, one of my main criteria for selecting new pieces is quality. I know Dr.Martens will last me years, but what about these? They are cheaper, £90 vs £115 but I am looking for good value, not a bargain. So I will be doing some more research on Vagabond before buying. 

I’d love to know if anyone can give a wearers review of their vagabond boots, months or even years after buying them?

And if anyone who’s gone through this kind of minimising is finding the same thrill in the chase of the perfect item? For me it’s much a more satisfying process than impulse purchasing ever was. 


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