Four Things that brought me joy in March

  • My Son began spontaneously offering kisses and cuddles to us

    The first time he asked me for a kiss, with puckered lips and a big loud mmmmmmmmmm was incredible. He then said thank you for the kiss I gave him. He went back to playing and I sat on the carpet overwhelmed with love and joy. What a wonderful little boy I have. 

    • We went to the allergy fair at the SECC. 

      I got to discover and graze new delicious food, without fear of wheat. It has been 10 years since I have felt that kind of eating freedom at a fair or farmers market. I came home with bags of yummy treats and very excited about new products coming out. Gluten free doughnuts! Shut up and take my money!!!

      • My son settled into a new sleep routine. 

      He’s going to sleep, without a fight, at around 8.30pm. This gives Husband and Me a full extra hour to relax or get stuff done. We are not fully used to the change yet. We don’t want to count our chickens, after all, a child’s sleeping pattern is never set in stone, but he is a happier little boy for it and I cherish the play time I have with him all the more. ETA it didn’t last. 

      • I bought something that brings me joy. KonMari style. 

      This little glass egg was a TK Maxx find. I had glass cloches at my wedding and I like to fill them with something seasonal; pumpkins, Christmas baubles that kind of thing. I have been looking for something for spring/Easter and found a sister egg to this one. Followed my instincts and held it for a while. I loved it, but, there was a flaw in it, a smear of what felt like super glue and it sucked the joy away. That’ll do won’t do! I put it back. But on a shopping trip with my mum a week later. Bingo an undamaged duplicate in the local TK Maxx. Serendipity clearly because that never happens with Tk Maxx stock. 

      It’s good to look back on the everyday things that made me smile, so I will do this every month.


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