Paisley Food Festival: Review

Paisley hosted the second Paisley food festival this weekend. So we grabbed Gran and went down to take a look.   

The food festival is an add on to the already popular Paisley beer festival, the queue for that was out the door. The food festival was also drawing a crowd, the vendors were getting good trade without having to fight your way through the crowds to see anything. I often feel like this at Christmas markets and big food shows like SECC Good food show, it all gets a bit claustrophobic and moo-ey!

The main draw for me was Aye love real food. I first saw these guys at the StrEAT events in the Briggait in Glasgow, where Little Boy and I shared a chorizo scotch egg and a creme brûlée. Ok two creme brûlée! From crema caravan who I will be first in line for at the Good Food Glasgow fair on the 7th of May.

So yesterday after a lap to take stock of what was there, I made a b-line for some Scotch eggs, and I wasn’t disappointed.  

I went with my old favourite the chorizo and picked up a black pudding one as well. I forgot the cardinal rule of food markets. Bring cutlery! This scotch egg was hacked apart with a plastic fork. 


It still looks gorgeous right? It was. The egg yolk was slightly more cooked than last time, but still creamy and smooth. I saved the black pudding version for home. 

This beat the chorizo one hands down. It has a lovely peppery heat to it and a salty spice that really complimented the egg inside. At £3.50 each they make a great grazing food. Filling enough to get your money’s worth but not so big that you can’t try other things. 

There was lots to see and sample and I came home with some gin and Tonic flavoured popcorn from Poporopo which is incredibly like a gin and tonic. I’ve had a lot of popcorn in my time, but this was pretty unique! Aromatic from the gin and an almost effervescent bitterness from the tonic. The small packages was £2 but they were doing 3 for £5 and a similar package on the large bags. 

I also got to see the Cocoa Tree from Pittenweem in person. I have always wanted to try some of there products. I found their online shop during a search for black or extra dark cocoa powder and that is exactly what I bought from them; cocoa powder extra brute. Some brownie baking is firmly on my agenda now! 


Husband and Gran picked up a Burger each. Little Boy and I were off running on the grass so no pics, but Hubs wasn’t that impressed anyway. He wished he had gone for the roast pork which looked delicious. I usually can’t resist proper crackling!


There were lots of other tasty treats on offer from some tempting looking Victoria doughnuts filled with whipped cream and strawberries, tray bakes and fudge and homemade preserves. I was almost tempted by a jar or mango curd but I am still decluttering my kitchen and have agreed to use up what I have before buying more store cupboard items. 


It was definitely worth the trip, though I could of done without some of the “entertainment”. 

I think next year we will grab the Grandads and do the beer festival as well. 

Me x


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