Value: My Grandmothers best fashion advice.

 My Grandmother gave me the best piece of advice for deciding if a purchase is “worth it”. 

She took the total purchase price and divided it by the number of wears, working out the true cost per wear. 

As an example my beloved Dr. Martens. I think I managed to catch them in a rare sale but I would have paid full price for them and they are currently retailing for £150. I wear these almost every day, as a conservative estimate I would say they get 250 outings per year, and my current pair are roughly two years old and still in near perfect condition. This is where buying quality items really counts. 

So this far I have worn my boots 500 times.  

£150 / 500 wears = 30p per wear

I reckon these boots are halfway through their potential life so I have half the cost per wear for their full lifetime to 15p per wear (ppw). That’s a bargain!

My sister on the other heads to the high street and picks up a £30 pair of boots each winter. She maybe wears them 90 times making it a 33ppw. 

Her boots are a bargain in the instant sense, while mine offer better value. 

I am using this ethos a great deal lately while I explore a more intentional lifestyle and try to move away from fast disposable fashion like Primark. 

While sadly my Grandmother is no longer with me, the values she instilled in me are helping me live a happier life every day. 

Me x


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