Focusing on health part 2: Progress and Meals

Just a quick post today updating on my healthy eating and exercise planning. 

The eating is going well, I am enjoying porridge for breakfast most mornings, large and colourful salads for lunch and I have reduced the amount of red meat in my evening meals. The sugar withdrawal is brutal! I will be the first to admit I have an issue with sugar and giving it up has been tough. I limit myself to a small sweet treat after Little Boy has gone to bed and I have honey on my porridge in the mornings. I am even having more savoury breakfasts as a way to reduce my morning sugar intake further. Honey isn’t actually any better for you than processed sugar if you are trying to avoid the sugar high/crash cycle. Having it with porridge helps a little to even out the energy release. I tried chia pudding as a gluten free high nutrition snack/dessert and I can’t say it’s for me. I will try another variation before I give up and use the seeds as a baking ingredient and salad sprinkle. Any suggestions are very welcome. 

The exercise is not ramping up as fast as it should. I’m still getting my squats in and walking as much as ever but no additional runs or gym sessions. The dietary changes have triggered a flare up, which I knew might happen. I will keep my current activity steady until I have control of that side of things. I know from experience that pushing it will result in illness and fatigue which is the opposite of what I’m trying to achieve. Still it’s good that I haven’t slipped too far backwards and I am still happy to persevere even though the desire to eat an entire tub of Ben and Jerry’s is incredibly strong. 

So that’s my little update and I’ve thrown in some pictures of the food I’ve been devouring over the last week including Harry Potter. 


Me X

Brown rice, pesto chicken, avocado, olives and fried broad beans

Salad with cucumber, tomato, artichoke, beetroot, tuna, avocado and pistachios 

Salad with cucumber, tomato, artichoke, beetroot, mozerella, pesto and pistachios

Salad with cucumber, tomato, artichoke, avocado, beetroot and tuna

breakfast at home of avocado and poached organic egg on gluten free bread with toasted sesame seeds

breakfast at work of porridge with honey


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