Living my values series: Discovery; should we holiday with a toddler?

Husband and I have been debating long and hard about going abroad on holiday this year. Little Boy will be 20 months old when we have booked time off and we keep asking ourselves what will he get out of it?
The last time we went away, we left Little Boy in the care of his grandparents and while we missed him terribly we asked ourselves every day, would our holiday be better for having him here and what would he get out of it? Now that particular holiday was Orlando in October. It was 30c+ almost every day and we spend a large proportion of it in theme parks. Little Boy was 8 months old at the time and I honestly think bringing him would have been a mistake. We would have paid a lot of money to do far less, we would have not been able to enjoy rides or experiences together as one of us would have had to wait with Little Boy. He would have been dragged around places in the heat with little to do to entertain a crawling 8 month old. Not to mention the flight! 10 hours with a wriggly lap baby sounds pretty horrendous. We came home wondering if it would ever be worth taking him away.
I am a questioner by nature so I did what questioners do best and canvassed opinions from other parents on how they handle holidays at home and abroad. The advice ranged from “DON’T” to “you haven’t taken him anywhere yet? We flew transatlantic with Baby when he was 6 weeks old, go for it!” It just added to or confirmed our list of pros and cons. Then one of Husbands co-workers came out with this gem during a ‘what’s in it for Little Boy?’ debate; “he gets both of his parents 24 hours a day for 7 days without the stresses of everyday life”. 

Now that we could see a benefit to Little Boy, it hits so many of our family values, carving out family time, adventure, culture and could branch out into more like active family activities and making and honouring family traditions; for instance Husband and I collect a bauble for our Christmas tree in every new place we visit and this could be Little Boys first time choosing it.

So we have agreed tentatively to look for a fairly last minute bargain resort holiday, playing to the idea that we want to reduce the everyday stresses, we will be looking for something all-inclusive so that no-one has to worry about shopping, cooking or cleaning and it will have entertainment and possibly a crèche built in so that Little Boy can get some toddler time and Husband and I have the option getting some us time too. So its passport application time for Little Boy as we get prepped for our first holiday abroad and its research time for Me as I dive into questions like, should we bring a buggy, should we use a car seat on the plane or save the ticket price and have Him on our laps.

Any tips for surviving a flight with a very active toddler will be gratefully received by two parents who have been whacked in the face one too many times.

Me X



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