Moving Home: Struggling between letting go and creating waste

After seven years we have decided it’s time to say goodbye to our house. If I am honest it’s never really felt like a home to me. It’s where I live and I find comfort in it, but we have always known it was a temporary situation, we certainly didn’t intended to stay for seven years. The house was a great starter, helping us get a foot on the “property ladder” but it was never somewhere we intended to raise children. Our son will be two next month so it is time to move and get him into the nursery school system of the new area.

Looking at your house through the eyes of a viewer is downright terrifying. Now I know I have too much stuff in my house. We have been working on simplifying for the last year and we have rid ourselves of a lot of clutter. There have been many, many trips to the local charity shops and recycling centres and yet somehow my house is still full! I am now decluttering on steroids with a view to downsizing our belonging before the house even goes on the market. The rest of our belongings we will pack away and with any luck in a The Minimalists inspired packing party won’t ever come back out.

In my quest to curate a healthy, happy and reflective home, there is one area I still struggle with; waste.  I want to shed the accumulated stuff that no longer adds value; the mismatched, the duplicates and the well-used. There is a huge part of me that wants to wipe the slate clean and start all over again, just have a garage sale , everything must go, but is that just an excuse to accumulate more, albeit different stuff, under the guise of intentional purchasing? And what happens to all of the original unloved stuff, we try wherever possible to sell, donate or give away what we no longer need, recycle anything beyond use and landfill only what is necessary, but it’s still waste.

It’s a struggle I hope to reconcile within myself while I go through the process of packing up and clearing out the house for marketing, the upsides to such dramatic simplifying outweigh the downsides for me at present.

  • We will be able to be objective about the sale of our current house, seeing it for the bricks and mortar it really is, We will also be more flexible in choosing our future home not having to try and force a lifetimes worth of possessions into what is likely to be a smaller space.
  • Apparently having a clutter free home boosts your sale price, well that would be nice.
  • We might be able to raise some money from the sale of some of our unloved things.
  • Having less will save us money on storage when we are between homes.
  • Each item going into storage will have purpose and value in our new home.
  • We will have a blank canvas in the new home to create a better environment for family life rather than duplicating the pattern we have here now.

If I focus on these positives for me and my family I am sure letting go will become a lot easier as long as it is done responsibly.

Me x


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