Too much change in too little time. 

Life has been hectic to say the least. We have had house valuations, transitions to big boy beds, changes to diets, death, hospitals and the usual spatter of Birthdays, diy and food. 

Over the next month I will be:

  • Taking He and Him on a 2 day trip to London (stay tuned for dinosaurs and eclairs)
  • having surgery to remove my left ovary and clean up my endometriosis a bit. (Not sure how much I’ll post on that bit)
  • Putting my house on the market (because surgery isn’t stressful enough)
  • Celebrating my 4th wedding anniversary 😍

Most of 2017 has been like this, and it looks like it will continue to be full on. It’s more important than ever to focus on my values, keeping myself healthy, present and incredibly grateful for all I have in my life even when things get tough. 

Me x

Here are some pictures of delicious food that I will post about somedayone of my own cakes for a charity event. Semi naked red velvet. 

Black garlic miso tonkotsu ramen. Try saying that 3x fast. You can’t…  you’re face is full of ramen. Ramen Dayo

Gyozagluten free burger with brie, bone marrow butter, fig jam, truffle mayo, strawberry harissa, candied bacon. Bread meats bread

☺️cheese curds… drool

The best sweet potato fries