Six scars, two ops and minus one ovary. 

I wasn’t sure if I would post anything about my surgery but I am feeling surprisingly chipper about the whole thing. 

So the short update is that I’ve had my left ovary removed laparoscopically. I have 2 small incisions which aren’t causing me any pain and a larger one in my belly button which is. 

I have a fraction of the shoulder tip pain from last time which I put down to the lack of anti-adhesion fluid that I was pumped full of last time. 

I am able to sleep which is the single best post op tip I can give anyone. Sleep, nap, snooze, just rest and let your body heal. 

Given how different both of my surgeries have been I will do a longer post later on so that anyone looking to go down the surgery route can get an idea of the range of experiences. 

For now I am binge watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine, reading Stardust by Neil Gaiman and napping. 

Keep well folks 

Me x