We’re moving on; what to leave behind.¬†

Well we got a lovely surprise this week. After just three weeks on the market our house sold for just under the asking price. We are are utterly delighted. It feels like a reward for all of the hard work we put into the house before it went in the market. 

We are taking a well deserved rest this weekend with a food truck festival and Harry Potter in concert with a live orchestra. 

Then we have to get down to the serious business of packing. We will be moving in with my parents for a short period between selling and purchasing to put some more money into out deposits and to strengthen our buying position. 

The interim move means that we will have to store our larger and non essential belongings. It’s an excellent opportunity to really consider what we want to take the trouble to; pack, move, store (paying to do so), move again and then unpack. I still struggle with waste during this process. The plastic spatula with the scorch marks and scars from every day use still works as a cooking implement, though it’s battle scars make it useless for eggs and pancakes. I don’t want to take it, no one else will want it, but because it has a purpose, not its full original purpose but a purpose nonetheless, I can’t seem to relegate this non recyclable spatula to land fill. 

So I am torn between letting go, wiping the slate clean and making better choices for the new home. Choosing sustainable, quality goods for our new home. 

I worry that if I don’t rid myself of all of the half broken, poorly made and poorly purchased items in this home then I wil lose the chance to truly change things in my new home. 

The clutter in my home is a burden, it fills me with a sense that a series of problems and purchases are just round the corner and i feel like my world is never renewed, it just continues to decay around me. 

I need to take action now otherwise I might bring this “decay” into my new home where it might take root. It’s time for a fresh clean start. 

Me x