Moving in; A focus on aesthetics

For me, minimalism is not about a sterile pure white environment. I appreciate the clean simplicity of that look but I have a two year old and an Irn Bru addict… white is not my friend as my cream fisherman jumper reminds me every ime I feel adult enough to wear it.

What minimalism is for me is a tool, a way of creating a more intentional home and that includes the design. I don’t feel that it’s wrong to want my home to be beautiful; somewhere that I feel joy coming home to.

My parents were the classic renovators; there is not a non-supporting wall in my family home that my Mum has not has altered. Every two to three years the decorating bug would hit them hard brought on either by holiday hosting duties or one of my Dad’s wallpaper bargain finds which now reside in a priest hole at the back of the guest room wardrobe. My Dad swears he did not have the carpenter deliberately build a secret wallpaper stash but I am not convinced. My parents have hordes of fabrics, ornaments and art that have never seen the light of day.

It’s not a pattern I want to repeat.

Apart from the fact that I am not that keen on decorating; interior design yes, actual painting no, I want to choose a design that has longevity, something classic, timeless and flexible where a change of throw pillows or a fresh coat of paint will update the whole look without having to replace everything from light fixtures to the flooring.

So this is mostly a little post to put down the combination of design ideas and inspirations that are guiding me through my little refurbishment…

Son’s Room

When I designed Son’s first room I wanted a gender neutral nursery that could easily be restyled as a guest bedroom when we came to sell the house, and I ultimately chose a black and white woodland theme with yellow accents. The room wasn’t being designed with Son in mind, he really only sleeps in it, but now that he is almost three I think it is more appropriate that it reflects his current likes and encourages play. His current obsession is Mario and so we are attempting to do a Mario themed room for him, full disclaimer, I will have to bring in the big guns (My Sister) to help with this as I do not have a steady enough hand for detailed work.

The Livingroom

I wanted a big statement change to the Livingroom which was all white walls with laminate flooring which is nearing the end of its useful life but will have a stay of execution as it’s just not in the budget to re-floor the entire downstairs right now. I choose a striking dark cobalt blue (Dulux Sapphire Salute) for the living room. I wanted something vibrant but still classic and had originally wanted a farrow and ball paint but at £47.50 a tin I had to search for a more affordable alternative. I had also picked out a bold, geometric styled, wallpaper from Harlequin called Sumi in cobalt and linen which was a splurge but I absolutely adore it and my wallpaper averse Husband even likes it which is just short of a miracle. I even managed to get it 20% off which made it a little easier to reconcile and I took advantage of my parents’ long standing history with wallpaper and they hung it for me as a house warming present.

Our Front Door

Or our second front door? We have a very odd porch area at the front of the house, it is not big enough to lock the internal door and then turn around and open the external UPVC door. It’s almost completely pointless and I am not sure why someone bothered to go to the expense to add it. Our arrival at home is now a squashed fumble of too many keys, locks and handles; it stresses me out. Changing the porch would run into £1000’s,  not an option, so I am focusing on trying to de-stress the situation but making the internal door so beautiful that I am delighted to see it instead of annoyed that there’s yet another front door between me and my sofa.

My Door

The door itself is beautiful and I am on the hunt for a jewel colour to contrast but not clash with the cobalt. I think a beautiful paint colour and a polish of the door furniture will give the door a new lease of life and make coming home much more welcoming. I am most drawn to a deep coral colour, mustard yellow or emerald green.

What would you choose?


Me x


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