I am a Scotland based mum of one and even though I work in the incredible organised world of project management, I live in (mostly) organised chaos. I am on a journey of self-improvement, seeking a more joyful and intentional life. 


  • I want to live in a happier, healthier and more beautiful home. 
  • I want to be the best mother I can be, fully present with my Son (He) savouring the time I have with him. He will never be this age ever again. 
  • And be a loving and supportive wife to my Husband (Him). My best friend, my protector, my soul mate.
  • I want to be happy and secure in Myself (Me). Find joy in all areas of my life, feel confident in my own skin, and in my clothes. Be healthy and strong in body and in mind. 

Priorities in 2016

  • Declutter my home and life, removing or replacing things that no longer bring me joy or reflect our family values. 
  • Curate a wardrobe of quality, timeless pieces that make me feel incredible. 
  • Explore the theme of intentional living. 
  • Look after myself more; mentally and physically. 
  • Carve out quality family time in our everyday lives to be silly, creative and inquisitive. 



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